Aim for the Highest Point in Korea

Jeju island has the tallest mountain in Korea at 1,950 meters (6,398 feet) while the island may be known more for its emerald waters and sandy beaches. It has over 350 volcano shaped peaks, the Hallasan Mountain rises up in the middle of Jeju Island.

Also, the home to over 4,000 animal species throughout its vertical ecosystem is the Hallasan National Park. With multiple hiking trails, all from a few miles to a 12-mile round trip aim to the high point Dongneung Peak. Best to be prepared for high winds and rain no matter how blue the sky is when you depart since the weather is persistently changing on Hallasan.

Experience the sunrise over a volcano

As you positioned at the beach and watch the sunrise over Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak also known as Sunrise Peak, the early morning wake-up call is well worth. A great viewing platform, the beach is mostly made up of black lava rock with countless pools of still water. To meditate the glow of the sun, as it stands above the 5,000-year-old volcanic crater.

Climb a volcano

Since you’ve already gotten an early start on the day, better to make the most of it. You can climb the 182-meter tuff coned Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak,  a UNESCO World Heritage Site with just a few minutes drive from where you caught the sunrise. On a well-graded trail, the hike takes about 25 minutes to climb. As you make your way to the top of the tuff cone crater at the top, views of sheer cliffs attract your attention.

Check out Asia’s only waterfall that goes directly into the sea

Let it be Jeongbang Fall if you only have limited time to visit just one waterfall on Jeju Island. For the record, in Asia, it’s the only waterfall that falls directly into the sea. With the waterfall spraying mist on you, the rocks beneath it form some small pools and it was a welcoming place to cool off. If you’re interested in hearing another testimony, the guys over at Handyman Boynton Beach can share their experience with you.

Eat Spicy Live Seafood Stew

The abundance of fish tanks lining nearly every road in the small cities One thing you’ll notice while driving around Jeju island. Haemultang is a must try if you are a seafood lover. Haemultang is a spicy seafood stew and when you order this, the restaurant will cook live right in front of you. When they start cooking it, you’ll notice that every ingredient is alive, guaranteed fresh. From clams, mussels, octopus, scallops, abalone, and crab all put together in a pot at your table.

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