South Florida Travel

We live in South Florida, specifically Delray Beach. Because of that we fly in and out all the time and have had experiences with all of the airports in the southern part of the state. Palm Beach International Airport ( PBI ) is the best. If you have TSA Precheck or not, PBI will get you in and out quickly. Sometimes tickets are more expensive but in this case, it is 100% worth it. We have shown up 50 minutes ahead of our flight on several occasions and not had any trouble getting on our flight. Fort Lauderdale International ( FLL ) is not the worst airport that we have ever flown, but it also isn’t the best. The lines can get very long so you need to be 2 hours early. For international travel, I don’t have any complaints. Miami ( MIA ) on the other hand is miserable. Flights are always delayed. The airport is not run well from the ground up. Avoid Miami International Airport at all costs. Period.

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